Keyword Research Services

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An initial brainstorming list is created with you, the client, giving us a list of possible key phrases (a.k.a. terms) to begin researching variations. We don’t just brainstorm keywords and call it a day. This is how clients miss out on some very high volume terms that they can be found with in their internet marketing, to increase sales. We put those lists into a tool that tells us how many searches are actually performed in Google each month on those phrases.

When I talk about keyword research services, what I am going to do for you is not only look at the actual number of people who are typing in those particular phrases, but also all variations.

For instance, “Denver internet marketing” and “internet marketing Denver” are 2 different searches. It’s not unusual to have one term have more than twice as much traffic as a similar. One client was using a singular term as the main one for their business. I did a quick search and found that the plural version had 100 times the number of searches!

Keyword Research Service is a Vital Step in Any Internet Marketing Program

I have developed a systematic approach to generate new lists to search. I can quickly do a ‘find and replace’ on the main words, qualifier words, and geographic words to generate lists. So if we were interested in not only “Best Aurora SEO consultant” but also in “Best Littleton SEO consultant”, I can tell you the difference in monthly searches.

This is repeated as many times as needed for as many terms as you wish to investigate. For a small budget this might be 10 terms and their variations, while a larger keyword research budget would investigate hundreds or even thousands of keywords.

For $400 I look at 10 different phrases, with geographic results for up to 5 locations resulting in a suggested list of approximately 100 exact phrases, along with recommendations for use. These are different combinations of words – backward and forward, and plurals that relate to your business, and therefore to your potential customers.

Please call 303-750-6114 with any questions. It is helpful to have about 10 or so phrases in mind when you call.

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