Direct Mail Advertising Denver

direct mail advertising Denver ColoradoFour color publication advertising, direct mail campaigns, or direct mail postcards, Camrud Design can do it all in print advertising. We have print partners and mail houses in Denver to offer your company a wide range of cost effective direct marketing services.

With over 57 years of combined experience in the design, printing, targeted database, list acquisition and management, and direct mail industries, our direct mail consultants bring valuable expertise to ensure that your marketing dollars work for you to improve your market response.

Our primary work is with design and layout of direct mail postcards and tri-fold brochures created as self-mailers for direct mail.

Increase Direct Mail Effectiveness

Direct mail is effective only when you are mailing your pieces more than once. If you only have enough budget to mail out 1000 pieces, we suggest a mailing list of about 333 potential clients and mailing to each of them three times.

This method is much more effective than the intuitive method of mailing to each address once, then analyzing whether the campaign was effective enough to mail again. It won’t be. Your clients need to see your postcard three times, minimum, over a six to nine week period.

Have You Tried Online Advertising?

I have found that for most businesses, online advertising provides a more effective method of advertising because instead of you trying to find clients, they find you.

That’s right, potential clients, who are ready to buy, type in their request and if you meet it, your ad shows to them!

Amazing. It’s called by various names such as Pay Per Click Advertising, PPC, Cost Per Click, but the overall the marketing sub-industry is SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing.

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