Denver Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click management is for businesses who are not well versed with Google Adwords or Microsoft AdCenter programs and want to get the most out of pay per click advertising for the least amount of investment.

Denver pay per click management consultantI have so many clients come to me with the same storyline – “I have spent so much money on PPC and while it seems to work, it is getting expensive.”

Success really does come down to the details. For example, people who have not been immersed in the program, and only use the basic functionality do not limit the access enough, falsely believing that any lead is a good lead. We believe in what some might call a conservative approach, and build your campaign as we see positive trends and limit your campaign where we see negative trends. Trending can only be seen over time, and is best identified by Professional pay per click management agencies.

It’s really like a chess game. You need to both react to what is happening, and be able to see ahead.

The benefits of my Denver Pay Per Click Management

  • Save money with expertise and experience
  • Target customers geographically, with precision
  • Get better keyword matches
  • Professional ad copy writing
  • Ad testing and adapting
  • Bid right for optimal positioning
  • Increase Return on Investment ROI
  • Identification of Budget “leaks”
  • Track results of individual words, phrases, groups, or campaigns
  • Track conversions
  • Fine tune which key phrases make you money
  • Insight and Analysis
  • Services pay for themselves in saved click fees!

Denver Pay Per Click Management Consultant

Pay per click management agency Camrud Design, Inc, specializes in creating personalized pay per click advertising campaigns for it’s customers, and managing them on a monthly retainer. We don’t leave the pay per click management to automated services like most Denver pay per click managers. All that does is save them money. It costs you the same as us doing it “by hand”, but we get better results and save you money on the click costs! Call me at 303-750-6114 for details.

How Do We Get Started?

We need to set up a time to discuss where you have been with your pay per click programs, which ones you are using, and what business you are after. If you are new to PPC advertising and have never tried it, even better. A clean slate is a great place to start!

For existing, broken campaigns, we will first stop the bleeding! We will pause all ad groups or phrases that are costing you lots of money without good return on investment. We will then compare your website to your campaign, and identify ways to improve your quality scores. We will look at your keywords and key phrases with regard to match types to ensure you are getting the most out of your campaign. And we will analyze phrases that are triggering showing of ads for services you don’t provide, or products you don’t carry. We will ensure those never cost you a dime again!

For both new and existing pay per click advertisers, we will identify top key phrases that are typed into search engines that you can benefit from. We will create adgroups, and if applicable pages in your website, to take advantage of those opportunities.

How do you charge for campaign management?

Denver pay per click consultant Jon Camrud charges by the hour for keyword research, campaign setup and ad writing, and work within your campaigns. After the work has been completed to get your pay per click campaign set to be effective, we have to react to what is happening with terms that are typed in, and to the constant changing of bid positions for terms. This is done on a monthly retainer.

We can check your account as often as you wish, but we find that the first few months, weekly is best, then as we get into a rhythm, monthly pay per click maintenance is adequate for most small businesses. The amount per month depends on how many phrases we are monitoring, and how fast you want to expand your search terms.

Call 303-750-6114 for Denver pay per click management services from Jon Camrud. I’ve been doing this since 2004. There is nothing I do better!

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