Denver Internet Advertising Benefits

Denver internet advertising is the overall term for many aspects of supplementing organic internet marketing for nearly instant online visibility! In fact, I can get you shown on Google as soon as tomorrow if you need it that fast!

My preferred method is pay per click advertising where the business owner bids on how much they wish to pay for a lead, and only pays when someone clicks their ad.

An example of a Denver PPC advertising ideal situation would be if the business owner wanted to target only people who searched for “Denver Florists”. Those keywords typed into Google, or other search engines, trigger text ads that are clickable to get to your website only if those words are part of the search. I can even assign the ads to only show if the words are typed in that exact order!

I can also create image ads for your campaign and set your ads to display on websites throughout the country that are part of the Google network. Top Denver internet advertising consultants put advertisers in Google AdWords and Bing Ads, which are shown in your search engine results at the top of the results pages or along the right hand side column. Call my Denver advertising firm at 303-750-6114 for details.

The benefits of Denver Internet Advertising

  • Instant gratification vs building up your internet presence
  • The customer is searching for your services, vs you seeking them
  • Reach local, city, state, regional, national, or international customers
  • Incredible precision
  • Easily control your budget
  • Track results
  • Flexible in placement and revisions
  • Pause advertising whenever you wish
  • Easily ramp up for season needs
  • Cost effective for small business
  • Small business can compete with the big players!

Internet Advertising is the Fastest Growing Ad Segment

In terms of share of overall advertising expenditure, Denver internet advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising since 2004, when it was about 5% of total advertising expenditure. More than six years ago internet advertising surpassed print advertising, apparently forever.

Television has traditionally dominated ad expenditures, but has remained flat over the past 8 years. Newspaper is declining steadily to less than 15% of advertising today.

Digital advertising has risen to over 15% of the total expenditure, according to Google. And it will only get stronger – because it works. It is a great way to advertise for a small business in Denver, Colorado, and across the nation.

Internet Advertising Denver Consultant

Denver internet advertising consultant Jon Camrud, creates individualized Denver PPC advertising campaigns for my customers; and provides pay per click management them on a monthly retainer. I take the time to get to know your business and your goals. I will help you to set your internet advertising budget, stick to the plan, and make adjustments as needed.

I don’t require long term contracts. I am confident you will love my services and will stick with me to help you continue to grow. I am excited to help with internet advertising for Denver businesses, Colorado businesses, and businesses across the nation!

Call 303-750-6114 for Denver pay per click management services from Jon Camrud. I’ve been doing this since 2004.

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